Hearing the clock ticking incessantly, the Petronas Twin Towers spontaneously appeared in my mind. It has been years since I stared at that wondrous twin towers from its base and having a enjoyable family outing would just be great. The idea of going to Suria KLCC is like killing two birds with one stone because I can finally go and see the Twin Towers and also enjoy a wonderful time with my family. When we were reaching the KLCC, the Petronas Twin Towers captivated us with its amazing structure and height from a stone's throw away.

Great view of the Petronas Twin Towers from a stone's throw away.

I was in a delirious state of happiness when I reached there. While I was on my way there, I endured a great hunger for some tantalising food as I have not had my lunch yet.

The Petronas Twin Towers are currently the tallest twin buildings in the world. These twin towers were also the tallest building few years ago until they were surpassed. Many people may wonder whether the two towers are occupied by anyone. And yes it is occupied by Petronas and some other companies. The skybridge in between these two towers are useful for emergency cases and it also functions by increasing the stability of both towers.

The first place we went was the food court. (Food Glorious Food!!!)

Just by looking at the abundant variety of stores and the profuse crowd will definitely make you ravenous.

There's too much of a variety to make a quick decision and I was hungry. Well, like I said, all of them looks invitingly great. I decided to indulge myself into Indian cuisine, so I ordered a tempting plate of Nasi Briyani.

A scrumptious plate of Nasi Briyani.

This plate of Nasi Briyani was ingratiating. The fried drumstick was well cooked and the mutton curry was just fantastic. It's very moreish because when you taste your first spoon, I can guarantee that you won't stop eating. Surreally Palatable! Let's assume that you don't believe me. Well, I can give you an evidence. ROUND 2!!!

Round 2 of indian cuisine.

The previous Nasi Briyani was tremendously satisfying. My father went to buy another plate of it when he tasted my Nasi Briyani. The 2nd plate wasn't Nasi Briyani, it was just plain rice to acquire clearer tastes from the side dishes.

My Mom ordered a plate of Japanese Rice

Japanese rice with some spicy chicken, coleslaw with mashed potato and bean curd.

This plate of Japanese rice was neatly presented. The cabbage was finely sliced to enhance the texture and taste.

After our lunch, we went to the nearby stores to see what were they selling. But first we went to.......

Compliment the indian cuisine food seller!!

Everyone loves compliments and they should get one when they deserve it. The food that he sold was great, and there was no other reason for him not to be praised. Look at the delighted smile on his face =).

Here are some of the delights that are sold by other stores.

Some local delights flamboyantly presented

Malaysia's local delights are famous for its reasonable price and unique taste. A bite or two of these during tea time would just be great.

Next we went roaming around the place, seeing what were the current events or sales being held, or finding for anything interesting...

Embellishments were added to the place as Christmas was just around the corner.

A view of the crowd gathering....(wondering what's going on)

What an unusual design!!!

The source of the crowd at this particular place was because it is the Petrosains (a Science Discovery Centre). There are a lot of interesting things about science and technology inside there as they present it in a fun way that would invite curious people into it.

A scenic view of the KLCC park.

There is also a KLCC park which is located in the vicinity of KLCC. This place is provided to give a feeling of nature to the area.

We went down to the KLCC park to see what is there.

The view of the majestic Twin Towers from where we were standing.

The Suria KLCC view ...

A more vivid view of the lake....

This is also known as the Symphony Lake. It will be a wonderful idea to just sit here and relax, stare at the lake and relieve your stress. A peaceful place for people who would want to be away from that exuberant crowd inside the building. A great place for relaxation...

There's a road for you to walk further into the KLCC park but first I went back inside just to see what are presented for the upcoming Christmas.

Christmas trees beside an opulent house.

There was an event being held for the coming Christmas. There were decorations everywhere and this captivating piece of design. Christmas goodies and delights were sold around there. This enticed the boisterous crowd and filled everyone with Christmas spirit. An abundant amount of fun and enjoyment was derived here as everyone were taking pictures of the decorations and getting themselves spellbound just by staring at this beautiful creation.

After that, we were off to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and the inner parts of the KLCC park.

The dome of the building and the elevator

A spectacle of spectacles.

The tunnel to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

The buildings on the right is the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is an exhibition centre. Conferences, exhibitions and more are held here. There is also an Aquarium beneath the Convention Centre which is also known as Aquaria KLCC. There are all kinds of colourful and rare aquatic animals that may only be seen there.

A jogging track for people who wants to be felicitous.

Peaceful Greenery...

This is a great place to leisurely saunter at your own pace and experience the tranquil ambience of the tropical greenery. Free from the hustle and bustle in this environment of serenity, walking around and exploring the bountiful variety of indigenous trees would just be an euphoric and blissful moment.

An indian rubber tree that looks pretty unique.

This is how I got myself acquainted with that unique tree.

A water ornament and the public children pool.

A playground for the children who desired for some fun activities. A plenteous crowd there...

An enthralling view of the Magnificent Twin Towers

Every time when I stare at the astonishing Twin Towers, I feel that it's trying to pass an important message to all of us, that we Malaysians must be like the Twin Towers. The Twin Towers are converged to one, enhancing its stability and we Malaysians must also unite as 1Malaysia to have peace and harmony among ourselves in this multiracial country.

When united as one, there is nothing that we cannot achieve. The successful construction of this Twin Towers is now a wonder not only in Malaysia, but also all around the world. It's existence made all of us proud of our country as this is an incredible achievement. "United we stand, Divided we fall", If we want to achieve more than just this, then we Malaysians must unite as 1Malaysia for all eternity.

Heading back to the main building...

A final view of the floors before going back home...

Before I end my story, I would like to present a 1Malaysia poem to everyone.

If unity shall be referred to something,
the twins of splendour will be the perfect thing.
Combined together as one in unity,
the towers are now increased in stability.
An unbreakable bond formed among these twins,
as an example to all the future kings and queens.
If one wishes to live in royalty,
then he must understand the power of unity.
While living in this multiracial country,
unity is needed for peace and harmony.
Achieving anything could seem impossible,
but with the existence of unity it will be reachable.
To make all of these happen,
this unity must stay for eternity and never be broken.
But there are no worries as 1Malaysia can make it,
and the reason is because MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

For the Finale, I will use this moment to...

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


As for the coming trip to overseas, insufficient bags and clothes were our problems. But there's no worries, because we were planning to go to the Pavillion to do some shopping! Words were spoken to leave after lunchtime, but after all those procrastinations, departure was delayed to dinner time. As we arrived at the Pavillion, the designs and embellishments of the building enticed us to quickly start our shopping. But the considerably long trip here strengthened our desire for food, so our first priority was to have our dinner in order to satiate our hunger. Our first stop was at the food court.

A view of the food court from a specific angle that no one knows.

We were looking around as our choices were ambiguous because the variety of mouth-watering food was just profuse. There were all kinds of excellent food like malay, chinese, western, japanese, korean , indian and even more cuisines... A choice was the hardest thing to make because the fantastic range of food will definitely allure you to try all of them.

The beverages corner. An incredulous variety of tantalising drinks.

After all the choices and ordering, it was time to look for a place to indulge into the tempting food that we ordered.

Looking for a place to sit and eat.

After searching for sometime, we managed to find a cozy place to enjoy our food. Here are the pictures of the food we ordered.

Fried Kuey Teow. Presentation may not be that fantastic because we ate some before taking the picture, the main reason is that its temptation made me forget to take some pictures before touching it.

The Fried Kuey Teow was fantastic. A generous amount of cockles as a taste enhancement were added. All that i can say, this fried kuey teow was ingratiating, as you taste it in your mouth, the ambience will suddenly transform into a panoramic paradise in your head, which allows you to not only fulfill your hunger, but to also acquire priceless pleasure.

Prawn Mee. Presentation looks similar with the Fried Kuey Teow. Only reason is because they are both from the same store.

The Prawn Mee was as great as the Fried Kuey Teow. Satisfying amount of large prawns. Which one tastes better? I can't compare them because they both have distinct tastes.

Some pies and tarts.

We bought some chicken pies and an egg tart to try. They were uniquely excellent. Anyone that tries these will definitely go for more but we were already filled with the main meals.

Ais Kacang as the desert.

A spellbinding bowl of Ais Kacang to finish our dinner. The Ais Kacang was great to keep us cool after the noodles and pies. It will be very supportive for people who experiences stress as it will definitely cool you down and make you forget about all the hard works and worries.
After our dinner, we were off to shopping. First by looking around and exploring Pavillion. Here are the pictures of some nice stores we passed by.

Sweet stuff ostentatiously presented.

Some stores...

After that... We took a trip into the groceries store. Astoundingly wide-range of groceries were sold here, from local to imported stuff..

Snacks and Tidbits?

.....??? Road Block??

When we were done in the groceries store. It's time we look for the things we came here for... The bags and clothes... We started roaming and searching for the bags and clothes shops, unhurriedly sauntering...

Ties hanged for sale...

Incandescent Jewelries...

Where to find a duck that doesn't drink? There they are...

A fascinating design for a pillar...

Some Branded T-Shirts..

Handbags.. Why did I come here? My mom needed one...

View of some of the shops...

Another view...

There was an event going on... A model show?

Excellent inner view of the building.

Time to go back home T.T


I had a splendid time in the Pavillion. It was a flabbergasting experience and I recommend everyone to astonish themselves by going there. As a conclusion, here's a poem from me.

Every moment of irreversible time that passes by,
my heart beats fervently under the boundless sky.
Worries of the future exuberant vacations coming in no time,
inundates the entire volume of my mind.
As the need of shopping comes ahead,
the word Pavillion reveals in my head.
A sight of wonders and marvels as i arrive,
fantasies spontaneously comes alive.
Food and beverages are described astoundingly,
allures one to never stop trying and tasting happily.
Requirements for supplies shall no longer be a worry,
the Pavillion will satisfy anyone without a hurry.
The time for leaving will definitely come,
may be a moment of frustration for some.
As this wonderful place allows no one to worry,
shall it willingly be unforgettable in a person's memory.